Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day '!'

'kok kok kok~~rrr'! We all rushing on doing our daily 'job'! 2 toilets with 2 toilet bowls, we are working corporate when using toilets. Shortly, we prepared!!! At the same time, the van's driver called us. The sky still dark, many cars are passing our van. They are rushing to work, but we, we are rushing to holiday.

Hahaha!!! Hello, KLIA! We met again, everytime we met, you sure bring me a good news (the new is I can go to holiday agian)! Fu~u~~ing ... Passagers, welcome to taiwan! Enjoy your trip! Thank you for taking our plane. 'Welcome 2 Taiwan', the only words that I care and surrounding in my mind. Hello Taiwan, I'm coming~! Taiwan TaoYuan International Airport, where we departure.

We are planning to take bus to our hotel, there are many counters waiting us, I'm confusing. First word I use to communicate with Taiwanese, "有去麒麟大饭店吗?"! After we 'gaodim' the bus tickets, they are telling us to stay there and wait, they will inform us once the bus is come. We wait wait wait, still no news! We dicide to ask them, they told us need to wait another half an hour. The bus before is left, you need to wait another bus. Walau er! Geram la! I fight with her gao gao with my pasar mandarin! I'm lose! Still need to go out queue and wait! We are understanding now. Taiwanese not like us, call only move. They have their own structure and disipline, they will queue automatically and wait for the bus. Wow, culture shock!!!

Kilin hotel, room 1228! The bed, boo~~~m! My body landing straightly to the bed, so tired! We form up our team (8 peoples) in hotel lobby. We are starting our journey by walking to 西门町! The distance is far, but we didn't notice @ that time. People say 'love is blind', to us 'walking in Taiwan is blind'!

First shop we visit, is a restaurant! The shop name is '三妈臭臭鍋'. We try 沙茶鱼头鍋 (NT120), 大肠臭臭鍋 (NT100) and 鸭宝鍋 (NT100). The 大肠臭臭鍋 got 臭豆腐, and I eat it accidently, that's how I not a virgin any more in eating 臭豆腐. Wow, the smell like chicken shit, it stinky! Just one bite, I think this the first and the last time I try it in whole of my life. 沙茶鱼头鍋, the 沙茶 still very new to us, we still guessing what is it at that time. The empharasing still cannot stop us from asking. They shock and say 'HUH! You never heard of 沙茶 before, it's just a normal souces in Taiwan, it don't have in Malaysia?'. 'Nope, we never try before.', say it paisei paisei.

西门町, you may meet this kind of function happenning. A young people be a freelance singer @ middle of the street. He is singing great, and you can pay as you like. Or a bicycle with the advertisement board, cycling around the street. I call it '流动广告'. Most of the ads are talking about sexual phone call service.

"夜市" is our pasar malam, theirs more interesting of course. Diffirent kind of foods, clothes and others can buy from here. Many small stalls along the road, attractive and organise. The night, we are going to 华西街观光夜市. I saw a stall teaching people the way to calculate the jackpot. Interesting!!! Or little little games, like our 'fun fair' last time. But this 华西街观光夜市 famous are snake, crocodile, and others. For those who want to 'woo~~ woo~~' @ night, can come to this place charging charging. Hahaha!!!
End Of Day 1

Day ')'

Working working working. . . trying to finish the project I handling. But not what I wished to. At last, I need to pass all the details to my team partner to continue. 'Sorry! I didn't mean it', words appearing in my heart. At night, we are heading to Puchong where one of the couple are staying there. Why-le? Still want to ask mer, near ma!!! We're planning to stay one night, so that we can go together by just rent one van only. Wow, the day getting late, we all still full of energy! All people's energy bar still "wang wang wang", hearts continue "bong bong bong"! Oh shit, I'm left my printed research paper @ home. Luckily a laptop and streamyx line is preparing in the house. I'm rushing on copy all those places' address with help of all my lovely gang! We talk, we laugh, we chat! The day getting late, Good Night! ~~~